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how to Save Yeast (create a yeast culture)

  1. Sterilize 2 large kilner jars
  2. Sterilise the top rim of the fermeter (paper towel soaked in surgical spirit)
  3. Add a kettle of boiled & cooled water to fermentation bucket
  4. Swish around to break up trub and allow to settle for a few minutes.
  5. Pour the liquid from the top of the trub into one of your kilner jars.
  6. Seal the jar, put in fridge for an hour.
  7. Pour off the liquid suspended yeast from the top of your mason jar leaving as much of the sediment behind as possible. Pour your yeast into the second  kilner jar, seal it and place in the fridge.
  8. If there’s another sediment after 1 hour, repeat.
  9. You can store the yeast for several months in the refrigerator until you are ready to brew again.
  10. On the day before you brew, add some wort to your yeast create an appropriately sized yeast starter for your next batch.
  11. Do not exceed 4-6 generations of reuse.

Pilsner Urquell type Lager

Here’s a recipe I intend to make in the near future:


Pilsner Urquell – 5 gallons

8.5 lb pilsner malt

8 oz  crystal malt

8 oz  cara-pils malt

4 oz Saaz Hops

Lager yeast


Water should be soft.  Mash at 68 centigrade for 90 minutes, sparge, then boil 2 hours. Add hops: 2 ounces of Saaz 60 minutes before end of boil, 1 ounce 30 minutes before end of boil, and 1 ounce in last 10 minutes of boil


Notes (not included in recipe…)

  1. Put grain into cold water & raise to temperature slowly.
  2. Possible change the 2 oz of saaz early in the boil for a decent bittering hop.
  3. Open fermentation for a few days (5 days or so?), followed closed fermentation in a cold environment for many months (spare room during winter) prior to bottling.

Full Mash Beer Recipe 10/08/96


7lb pale malt

8 oz crystal malt

1 oz chocolate malt

mashed for 2 hours, start temperature = 65c end temperature= 61c. Very, very slow sparge.

hop boil: 2 hours: 2 oz fuggles, 0.5 oz challanger, 20 minutes before end, add 0.5 oz fuggles, 0.5 tsp Irish moss.

Fast fermentation on Enlgish Ale Yeast, quick clear. Very good cold break. Gravity= 1045

Drunk young, this beer was very tasty and quickly finished!

(note: I think I’ve forgotten to record the adition of sugar to the copper in this recipe, probably added during the later part of the hop boil).

Full Mash Beer Recipe 29/5/1996

Another old recipe from the archives….


6.5 lb pale malt

4 oz crystal malt

10oz torified wheat

Mashed in 2 gallons water at 65c for 1.75 hours, sparged. Boiled for 2 hours with 1.5 oz fuggles, 0.5 oz challanger. Added 0.5 oz fuggles, 2 tsp Irish malt, 17oz sugar, boiled a further 20 minutes.

Hop sparge, cooled in bath overnight. Used “Geordie” brewers yeast which was a bad move: very long lag period (a day), followed by long, slow fermentation.

Barrelled on 14/6/96. Weather was very warm at around 24c, and had been for 3 days. A hand-full of dry hops (fuggles) added at barrel. No priming sugar. Slightly yeasty.

Taste: The wheat flavour was slightly noticeable, but unless deliberately making a wheat beer, the extra hassle isn’t worth it.

Full Mash Beer Recipe 7/4/1996


7lb Pale Malt

4 oz crystal malt

1 lb light spray malt,

3 oz sugar

3 oz goldings

English ale yeast.

Irish moss

Malt was mashed in 4 gallons spring water with starting temperature of 66 centigrade, left for 3 hours, end temperature  = 57 c. Very slow run-off, no sparge.

Added sugar& spray malt, brought to boil. When boiling, added 2.5 oz goldings. Boiled 1.25 hours, added 0.5 oz goldings & 1.5tsp Irish moss, boiled for a further 0.25 hours

Cooled in a bath of cold water overnight, syphoned off the cold-break trub, aerated  pitched English ale yeast. Gravity before yeast is pitch = 1045

1 week fermetation, then barrelled without priming sugar, added a handful of goldings to dry hop. pressurised with CO2 .

Clear & ready to drink on 21/04/1996.

Tasting: Very easy to drink, “Boddington’s” like maltiness, whith a sharp hoppiness. Dark golden to light amber colour. Not amazing head retention, and quite a dull (but clean) smell- I’d hoped for a zingy hop aroma, but this isnt there. Quite a sumery ale.