Red Berry Wine

I forgot to record this when I made it sometime in late winter/ early spring:

250g dried elderberries (equivinant to 1kg fresh berries)
2 x 500g bags of frozen mixed soft fruits (containing raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrents, redcurrents, and possibly strawberries and cherries..cant remember if these were in the mix…)
1 lt red grape juice
800g sugar
1 tsp acid blend
1 tsp pectic enzyme
red wine yeast

The night before:
dissolve the sugar and acid in a pint of water,
pre-soak the elderberries in a pint of cold water,
let the frozen mixed fruit defrost.
make a yeast starter

Next day
Whizz the elderberries, soft fruit and pectic enzyme in a blender, dump it in fermentation bucket
add the sugar syrup and grape juice, then make up to just over a gallon and pitch yeast, cover and leave it.

Break up the crust daily for 5 days, then strain off the wine through a mesh into a demijohn, top up to a gallon and ferment out.

Rack as soon as fermentation is pretty well over and a sediment has settled, when the wine is nearly clear.

Then leave it for a few months to drop its final bit of sediment, by which time the wine will be bright. Rack again, de-gass it, add sulphite (3 ml of metabisulphite solution)

Mature for a more more months, then bottle and mature a few more months.

As I write this, I’m at the point of the second racking, de-gassing/ sulphite addition. The wine has a good red wine taste- tannins levels are good, not too overpowering. Colour is perfect- a rich dark red. The aroma is strongly of soft fruit- maybe a mix between raspberries and blackcurrents, and the taste has quite a bit of that too.
If I was being critical, I’d say the body is slightly lacking for such a flavoursome , rich red. But thats not a big problem.
At a push, it could be drunk as a young wine now. Its a good wine, and will make a very good wine for winter drinking.

Alterations that I’m considering-
add a banana or two to give body
reduce the mixed fruit- maybe only use 500g instead of 1kg?


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