Procedure to back sweeten wine

1) Only use wine that is clear, de-gassesed, mature and ready to bottle.
2) Decant a glass of wine, into which dissolve1 campden tablet (or 5ml sodium metabisulphite solution) and 0.5 tsp potassium sorbate (fermentation stopper). Ensure everything is totally dissolved prior to returning the wine to the demijohn.
3) Agitate the demijohn daily for 4 days, then leave in cool place for two weeks. If any residual yeast has settled out, rack again.
4) Measure the specific gravity
5) Add enough sugar to raise the gravity to the chosen sweetness for the wine:

Dry – 0.997 to 0.999
Medium dry – 1000 to 1.001
Medium sweet – 1.002 to 1.003
Sweet – 1.004 to 1.006
Desert wine (sweet) 1.007 to 1.010

A safe bet for table wine is 0.999 or 1000

Per gallon, 11 grams of sugar are needed to raise the gravity by 0.001.
To be safe, add 10 grams instead- better to undershoot than overshoot.

6) To add the sugar, decant around half a pint of wine into a jug, warm it in the microwave and dissolve the required volume of icing sugar into it. Return the sweetened wine to the demijohn, agitate and leave for half an hour prior to tasting
7) Leave wine under an airlock for 2 weeks to ensure it doesn’t start fermenting before you bottle it.


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