carbon filtering apple wine

I have some apple wine which is far too strongly flavoured- it has quite a scrumpy cider flavour.

The wine was made using the following approximate recipe:
2 gallons apple juice pressed from mostly cooking apples
1 gallon grape juice
Acid, nutrient, champagne yeast
Water to 5 gallons

The wine is good in all other respects, and I have approximately 24 bottles left….too many to just give up on.

I intend to strip the flavour our of some of the wine using activated carbon.
Once the wine is stripped, I’ll probably blend it back in with a flavoursome white wine, although it may be tasty enough just to leave on its own.

Another thing I’ve considered doing to the flavour & colour stripped wine is to back-sweeten it with red grape juice, with the intention of adding body and colour (to make a light blush wine).

I’ve read that 5 grams of carbon per gallon is an appropriate amount to use.

The carbon is from a pet shop for use in tropical fish tanks. However, since buying it I’ve found much cheaper carbon at my local homebrew shop.

I think I’ll only carbon treat half the wine, then blend it back in with the untreated wine and taste it. I’m not sure how long to carbon treat, but I figure if I totally strip the flavour (& colour) then blend it back in with un-treated wine, I should end up with something that’s got at least some flavour.

Next year, I should only use a1 gallon of apple juice and be more careful with the acid addition (I think I went wrong when calculating how much was needed)


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