Apple wine dilemma.


Last autumn, I made 5 gallons of apple wine. Its turned out quite strongly flavoured of apples. Well, scrumpy really….it tastes like a mixture of cheap Spanish wine and Summerset scrumpy.   I’ve got quite a lot knocking about & I don’t know what to do with it.


For the record, the recipe was this:


2 gallons freshly pressed apple juice from our apple tree windfalls (mostly Bramley apple, with some desert apples of unknown type)

1 gallon supermarket white grape juice

Enough sugar to raise 5 gallons to 1090

2 tablespoons acid blend

Champagne yeast & nutrient

Sulphite solution

Pectic enzyme


The apple juice was pressed & put into a demijohn, 5ml of 10% sulphite added per gallon. Left overnight to settle, then siphoned off the gunk that’s settled out  & topped up with more apple juice. Back into the demijohns, pectic enzyme added, left for a day.

Next day, the apple juice was mixed with the grape juice, yeast nutrient and sugar, put into 5 gallon fermenter and air lock fitted.

When fished fermeting, racked, de-gassed, cleared & bottled.


My issue: it’s taste is far to strong of cooking apples. I’m thinking of filtering it with activated carbon. Apparently this gets rid of flavour (as well as colour…)

Once I’ve stripped much of the flavour out of the wine, I can then blend it with a flavoursome wine, perhaps the white wine mentioned below.



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